How to Find an Auto Repair Shop Using Facebook

It”s never a good day when you realize you”re in need of an auto repair shop. What makes it especially difficult to deal with is the fact that if your vehicle were still under warranty, you”d simply take it to the dealership when you encounter any issues.

When you”re looking for an auto repair shop, you not only want to find one with a good reputation, honest employees, and inexpensive fees, you also want to find one that can fit you in immediately. After all, you probably need to use your vehicle again immediately.

Social media and auto repair

One of the best ways to find a reputable auto repair shop is through social media such as Facebook. How does this work? It”s possible because there are a number of ways you can find good leads.

Asking for references

Perhaps the easiest way to find a good auto repair shop with the help of Facebook is simply to ask. Post a message on your status to let your friends and family know you”re in the market for a good auto repair shop and they can all offer their recommendations.


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It helps if more than one person recommends the same place, because that can help you narrow down your search.

Following mechanic pages

By becoming a follower or “liking” an auto mechanic”s Facebook business page, you can see what type of business you”re dealing with. Not only will you see the specials and services currently being offered, you”re going to read a bit of history about the business.

You might see who works there, their qualifications, their specialties, and even the company”s prices. You can also see if their customers make a habit of posting on their wall to offer praise and thanks for their service or complaints about subpar service.

Radiator and cooling system repairs

You don”t need social media pages such as Facebook to tell you that radiator and cooling system repairs are pretty necessary, especially in Austin where the weather is warm more often than not. Auto Stoppe of Austin is the place to go for this kind of work when your vehicle needs it.

Working hard to ensure your vehicle is always in good shape is easy when you know a great mechanic and auto body shop. Once you find one, you”ll appreciate their service so much that you”ll become a repeat customer, even if your car is always in need of repairs.


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