5 Vacation Destinations for the Adventure Fanatic

The adventurous, the daredevils, and the young-at-heart are all searching for new and exciting experiences. Generally, such individuals love to travel to exotic and mysterious places, in the search for their next adventure … or basically, the next round of trouble to get into.

There are destinations in the world that cater to this sort of free spirit. These areas are sensational spots to let go and enjoy all the more dangerous aspects of life.


If you feel like going on a real-life safari, then Africa is the destination for you. To see the “big five” in their natural habitat will surely get your blood pumping from the excitement.

If you are feeling even more adventurous, plan on staying in the grasslands, overnight, in a tent. This will add even more fun to your wild-person safari.


Thailand offers many great areas for rock climbing. The sensation of hanging from a cliff by one finger is a truly death-defying experience.

Climb some of the highest peaks and even have a nice picnic while staring off into the beautiful blue. Enjoy the view and get that adrenaline rush you look for, all in one package.

South America

Travel to South America and ride down a turbulent river; then you will know what fun really is! White water rafting and kayaking involve one hell of a ride.

If your daredevil experience must include water, this one will satisfy your cravings to the fullest. Hang in there and ride that baby all the way to your next destination. I bet you”ll come out of there laughing.


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Maybe your idea of adventure includes hunting. If this is what you really enjoy, taking down a large game animal will get you in the mood for more. This strategic adventure is just what the doctor ordered for those who suffer from being a wild human being.


Another location for water adventure is Rovinj and Vrsar. Surrounded by crystal blue waters, this area is great for parasailing, surfing, and more.

If your life revolves around beach bum adventures, this beautiful destination is a great and not very well-known choice. There are several luxurious resorts in Croatia that will serve for a great, relaxing atmosphere as soon as you are done with your adventures.

For the extreme sport lover and the risk-taking enthusiast, many places can prick your curiosity. Choose from many terrific options to make your adventure into the trip of a lifetime.


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