Free Apps That Will Change How You Decorate

Interior decorating has always been fun and interesting thing to do, and in modern days, it has become something that professionals do. However, you can still do it yourself and save some money by decorating your space in your own way. Today’s technology and amazing software can help you choose the colors, rearrange furniture and take a look into how your apartment would look like if you decorated it the way you want. The technology has made one step further and not, you can do all that by using mobile phone apps that are free and available to all smartphone users. Here are some of them that are always recommended because of their ease of use and excellent quality.

1. SnapShop

This is the app designed especially for Apple smartphones. Using this app, you can take a piece of furniture from a catalog, drag it and drop it into your own room that you look at through your camera. Once you positioned that virtual piece of furniture at the desired place, you can take a picture and get the idea if it will look better here or there. All that without moving that sofa a thousands of times.


Image Source: Pixabay

2. PhotoMeasure Lite

Another Apple app that will help you measure up your place before organizing the whole decoration. By using it, you can just snap a picture and enter all the measurements on that photo. By doing so, you will be able to choose the furniture based on the space you really have, rather than getting stuck with the furniture that cannot fit the places you thought it would.

3. Homestyler Interior App

This is the Android application that can be downloaded for free. It contains excellent ideas about the interior design of all the rooms in your home. It is very easy to use and extremely helpful because it allows you to take photos of different rooms and create 3D images of them within your app that you can later fill with all the furniture and details that you find in the catalogue. It is easy and fun to use.

4. Interior Design App

This app will give you thousands of ideas about what to do with each room of your home. You will be able to browse the plethora of photos of excellent interior design examples. You can brose them by room, but also by color and other filters, so that you can get inspired and full of ideas about your living space.

5. Sherwin Williams Photo Snap

Now that you have all the ideas and all the measurements taken with the help of these cool apps, it is time to choose the color scheme of your space. This app makes this chore very easy and cool. You just need to take a snapshot of your favorite garden in blooming, a forest, a painting, or anything else that pleases your eye and this app will analyze it and give you a color scheme. You can then choose the colors and it will tell you the mark and the number.

These apps will give you the right picture about how you interior decorating ideas will look when implemented in your apartment. They will help you spend a lot of fun hours measuring your space up, choosing colors and moving the furniture around, only using you smartphone.


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