Learn Recent Practice with Online Education Website Applications

Online education is the mode of education in vogue in the present times. There are umpteen possibilities which people can explore and get benefitted from. No matter whether it is a university, a company or any other organization, online education is the most sought-after way to spread knowledge these days. There are various online learning applications which can be easily downloaded and used for learning.

1. eFront

eFront is a good e-learning software which helps administrators to create and manage lessons. It consists of tools like: Content editors, File manager and digital library, and Test builders. It can assign projects. It can do surveys. It is a multilingual and modular system. It needs PHP and MySQL to run.


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2. Moodle

Moodle also is a system built with PHP and uses MySQL or PostgreSQL to store data. It helps in creating lessons, assignments, documents and the like. This application is used in thousands of websites.

3. Dokeos

This application ably supports video conferencing. Power Point presentations can be converted into SCORM courses. This has a provision of coaching which permits interaction with the learners.

4. Claroline

This is a great help for teachers using which they can create effective online courses. It has already been translated into many languages in the world. Online exercises can also be created with the help of this online application. This system also needs PHP and MySQL.

5. Sakai

This application supports teaching, learning, research and administrative collaboration. One can create courses, assignments can be managed, documents can be shared and exams can be prepared. Students’ grades can also be calculated using this application. This is a Java based application used for online education.

6.Ilias Learning Management

This application allows every user to have a comprehensive personal desktop to use the system, to keep notes, bookmarks etc. This application also enables collaborative learning, learning in groups or learning based on certain interests. It provides options for conducting tests of different types- multiple choices, single choice, allocation questions, cloze questions, ordering, matching etc. This also runs with the help of PHP and MySQL.

7. Olat

This application is a Java based learning mechanism. Flexible course with tests, wikis, forums, documents, tasks etc. can be created with the help of this application.

8. Chalksite

This application helps innovative teachers to let the parents and students access grades and assignments and even to communicate with them. Teachers get to use a personal website in this which could include student profiles, individual student accounts, grade entry, calculations, messaging to students and parents etc.

9. Edublogs

Edublogs is an education community built on Word Press-powered blogs. It is free which can embed videos, podcasts etc. Edublogs offers ten ways on how to use it for teaching. Those ten ways include classroom publications, newsletters, online discussions, student blogs, multimedia etc.

10. Mindomo

This is one of the effective ways to brainstorm ideas using mind mapping. Mindmap allows you to add new pieces of information. Managing projects, project plans, critical thinking- these are just a few uses of a mind map.

Online education is a great source of relief for those who find it extremely painful to go through hundreds of printed pages. Printed pages are not very conducive for fast reading. But online mode of learning is very quick, easy to access and very flexible in nature. One has to spend a quality time in selecting the courses which would be most suitable and which would be greatly beneficial in the long run. One has also to be discrete enough to distinguish the authentic ones from the not-so-useful courses of moderate standards. While selecting the courses in the online mode, one has to choose those which will add to the career prospects and which will have long term benefits.


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