New Citrix Certifications: Better Technology, Greater Opportunities

Kathy Kim,’s associate editor once said, “To advance in the IT industry, having the right certification is key. While getting certified requires dedication, training and fees, it certainly is a career move with proven ROI”. Compact and well framed, Kathy’s comment was 100% true. The refreshed set of Citrix Certifications for apps and desktops have gone a step further enabling enhanced mobility and networking solutions opening better avenues and prospects for Citrix certified professionals.


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The new certifications for Desktops & Apps are available for three different skill levels namely, Associate, Professional and Expert:

  • CCA-AD
  • CCP-AD
  • CCE-AD

These certifications are lucrative and solution based offering individuals with the skill breadth critical in planning, designing, delivering and providing end-to-end support for better Citrix technology deployments. Their key features include:

  • Solutions focused and hence built on a grounds up approach
  • Partners gain to benefit from it in terms of staying ahead and steadfast in the technological advancements through the state-of –the-art technology.
  • The comprehensive Citrix Training provide IT professionals with hands-on and real-time experience for better implementation and management of multi-product solutions.
  • An easy path to help an individual be updated and gain the maximum of the Citrix technologies.

Making for one of the 15 top paying certifications, this set of new certifications launched by Citrix technologies is truly worth the investment, for both individuals new to the certifications as well as existing Citrix certified individuals. They make for an ideal consideration for advancements and growth in the field of IT owing to their constant innovations and evolution of their technology. As MeikaDarville, Director of Worldwide Channel Programs put forth, “We believe in innovating, improving and adapting, especially when it brings benefits to our partners. Our new, solution-based certifications help partners design next generation customer solutions in virtualization, mobility and cloud”.

These certification programs train aspirants to build their expertise on the XenDesktop 7, the latest virtualization technology. Citrix trainings provided by authorized partners such as Koenig Solutions, India, help IT professionals master skills so as to offer better system solutions and expertise to its users.

While previous certifications such as the Citrix Netscaler 10and Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE) still hold place when backed with apt training and experience in Citrix technologies; upgrading to the Apps and Desktop solutions can help update and refine existing knowledge, uplifting IT professionals in a holistic way.

Considering the new Citrix certification training programs? Looking for the best trainer? Shoot your thoughts, queries and takes with us on the new Citrix technology and we’ll get back with aid!


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