Power of Twitter Has to Be Taken Advantage of

While there is no scarcity of the social media marketing platforms, it is Twitter which has shaken up the things the most. It has indeed brought a revolution in the way online marketing has been done of various products and their respective brands.

Online marketing in itself is a radical way to promote your brand. Even though it is new-fangled, it has already gained a massive relevance. Marketing gurus of all organizations and industry domains have been resorting to social media to promote their brands. And when it comes to choosing the best among the social media platforms, most fingers are pointed at Twitter.


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How Scenario has Changed

Before the advent of Twitter, organizations faced many challenges when they attempted to reach their customer base. In order to gain recognition for their brand, huge investments were made. It is not just the marketing professionals they hire who charge heavy price for their job (they command that price), but the ways like posting ads in newspapers and TV advertisements that extracted the chunk of the amount. Even though the TV and newspapers are as relevant as they were 5 years back, but the small and mid level business can’t afford them. And this is precisely why when the businesses which did not have large amounts of money backing them failed make a head start in the industry they were a part of. Thanks to these social media platforms, they can reach their customers at minimum and affordable costs.

Coming back to twitter, it is arguably the best amount the lot of social media platforms and there are bonafide reasons behind that. All you need to know is how to leverage Twitter in the best way possible for your branding activities. To make the most out of this social media platform, you need strategies that would empower your brand for higher avenues:

How to Use Twitter for our Marketing Endeavors

1. Start using more Hashtags

You may not be particularly fond of them, but you have to realize that hashtags are THE tools in social media. Twitter started this

influx of hashtags appended to tweets, and it has been followed suit by the competitors like Facebook. The biggest advantage to using hashtags is that your posts are not limited to just your followers and the people who arrive at your profile directly. But by adding hashtags to your post, you make them visible to a whole band of users who are talking about that particular term or topic you added the hashtag to. When you have an interesting tweet to accompany that hashtag, you ensure all those people notice you and a section of those hit that Follow button.

2. Interact with the Followers

There are number of customers who bother to comment on your brand relevant updates once in a while. Make sure, you don’t let those comments go unanswered.

3. Take the Feedback and Turn it to Your Advantage

Feedback is always welcome, and when it comes from a platform as interactive as Twitter, you must leverage that interactivity and converse with your customers regarding their issues with your product.

As Twitter continues to make waves, it’s time you embrace it and use it for your business endeavor.


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