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In 2019, Internet security has become much more valued than 10 years ago. It can be explained by the fact that today, there are many ways and methods of Internet espionage, draining user data into the public domain, as well as often popular Internet assistants open access for state intelligence services to user data. Therefore, we cannot say that we are safe and protected.

However, it was until today. Now, you can use a new assistant that will work exclusively for you and according to your personal needs, providing reliable protection – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

High-tech features of Utopia P2P Ecosystem

  • Decentralization. The ecosystem does not use a single storage server to keep user data. It based on a peer-to-peer architecture, according to which the user himself stores all the information on his server. Only the user has access to the server, as he has a personal key.
  • Anonymity. Utopia does not ask for user data when registering. Also, it does not track your location and email address. All of the registration is anonymous. The user”s nickname is a personally generated key that opens access to the server.
  • Encryption. All user data is stored on a personal server and protected from leaks. For this, Utopia uses a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. Such encryption is multilevel and provides reliable protection of each user”s data.
  • Updated toolkits. The extensive functionality of the system allows you to perform all the necessary actions within the ecosystem completely safely, conveniently and quickly. At your disposal, there are messenger, file sharing, browser, e-wallet, built-in games.
  • Earnings. An excellent addition is the opportunity to earn money on the Internet. You don”t need to download or install anything to do this. You can take advantage of the built-in Mining bot that charges you cryptocurrency for every 15-minute session via Utopia.

All the tools you need in one place!

uMessenger: Messenger that allows you to exchange instant, and most importantly, encrypted messages with your friends. Your correspondence is securely encrypted and only you and your interlocutor have access to it.

uMail: It is a file-sharing service that provides secure transfer of secret and confidential files and documents. Thanks to Hybrid Mode, you can use several tools at the same time in one open window.


Idyll Browser: Built on the principle of uNS technology, the browser has all the essential sites inside. It does not monitor the moving of users within the ecosystem. It is entirely free of advertising; it does not contain cookies and does not transmit data to third-party services.

uWallet: It is a built-in electronic wallet ecosystem. It stores cryptocurrency – cryptons that are needed to perform financial transactions on the Internet. To perform them, the user does not need to enter any data, which reduces the risk of information leakage.

Multiplayer games: The user can use a wide selection of built-in games. Besides, you can change the central theme – there is a variant of black and white coloring.

Protect yourself in the era of new technologies! Use Utopia and be sure of safety!

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