Finding Bling Via Tweeting: 10 Accounts to Check When Shopping for Jewelry

In the days of yore, if you were looking for jewelry you”d most likely have to go to a craftsman to fashion a piece from scratch. Or if you lived in the days of the pharaohs and wanted an expensive (that is, out-of-your-price-range) piece of bling, you might resort to grave-robbing. After all, those pyramids held treasure chests of jewels.

Flash forward to the 21st century, and scoring some bling is as easy as sending and reading 140-character tweets at everyone”s favorite microblogging site, Twitter. Here are ten that may intrigue you.

  1. Czech Jewelry Online

Under its Twitter account handle of @Treaurestorycz, Czech Jewelry Online makes … guess what? Yup, handmade Czech jewelry. Here you can find rings, earrings, compact mirrors, pendants, and bracelets.

  1. Craftori


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@Craftori, in addition to providing folks with unique and homemade jewelry, also acts as a middleman to allow you submit your own bling and sell to buyers worldwide.

  1. Char”s Favorite Things

At @Charsfavorite, you can find some unique handcrafted specialty items. from watch pendants to quality lockets to charm bracelets, all designed by “Char,” who spent years in the wholesale gift industry.

  1. Mike Ibarra

Welcome to the Sterling Silver Rings Shop at @Silverringshop, where you”ll uncover some very beautiful handcrafted silver rings for women.

  1. Dazzled Jewels(TM)

@Dazzled_Jewels offers some of the finest fashion jewelry, whether you”re an individual buyer or a wholesaler. Go ahead, Get Dazzled(TM)!

  1. DuePunti Indonesia

Stackable diamond jewelry made in Italy is available at @Indoduepunti.

  1. Charlene Gould

The vintage jewelry found at @BodaciousJewels is like a doorway to the past that allows ladies to adorn themselves in the present.

  1. AntiquingOnLine

If you”re in the market for eco-friendly antique and vintage jewelry, check out @AntiquingOnLine.

  1. C&J Vintage Treasures

@Treasuresforcj is a jewelry shop run by a husband and wife. It”s the place to go treasure hunting for vintage jewelry online.

  1. Sassyplanet Boutique

DIY jewelry and accessories are featured at @SassyPlanetBout. You”ll find discounts, giveaways and freebies on Facebook and Twitter.

Repairing jewelry

Now that you have some online resources, you might also want to repair some of your treasured bling from the past. The Gold Gobbler in Indianapolis is your number-one source for quality jewelry repair and restoration services.

Conveniently located in Middle America, you can also phone them for questions you might have if you live outside the area.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing of all the jewelry accounts to be found on Twitter. A basic search with the keywords “jewelry” or “jewelry sellers” will bring up hundreds more. All it takes after that is a quick tweet to the ones that are of interest and you can start working with those that send a reciprocal tweet.


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